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5 Modern Limericks

WMD just cannot be found
Not in trees or underground
Our Intelligence swear
They got to be there
Somewhere just kicking around

Old Georgie Bush invaded little I-raq
Thought it would be one quick attack
He went and got a longish  war
Should he send a good few more
And when the heck can they come back

Old Tony Blair was in a terrible rush
To invade I-raq with old Georgie Bush
Lots of Brits said hey no
We really don't want to go
Tony said hush in his rush to back Bush

Sadam Hussein rot his awful soul
Found deep and low in a hidey hole
Said Georgie confess
You just  made a  mess
And half I- raq is still on the dole

The I-raqis may be hungry but they're fre
The ungrateful damn bitches just won't see
Old Georgie and Big Tone
Think they shouldn't moan
But thank them both on bended knee

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5 Modern Limericks