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we sit watching our televisions
we all tend to do now my dears
and we are seeing so much of it
through films of bitter bitter tears
children killed by bomb and bullet
all a dreadful dreadful mistake
we are all so very sorry my dears
now we'll take a commercial break
we'll watch a blurb for chockies
see a young girl in a dream
capture a casual lover thanks to
her wonder facial cream
and it's back to the news my dears
just another newsy bluesy day
distressing scenes may follow
so you may want to look away
such a world of thugs and bullies
with no respect for any form of life
most of them such nonentities really
were it not for their violence and strife
they kill at such a distance my dears
that maybe they just don't realise
the horror of their acts for they never or
seldom ever look into their victims' eyes
and our magic little silver screen
has inured us to the violence
but kill a little pussy cat my dears
and our outrage is immense
and some of us watch the programmes
with a passion verging on hate
thinking of our long past youth
thinking of our long dead mates
fighting to build a land fit for heroes
all those lives thrown senselessly away
for nothing seems to have changed my dears
when you see the society prevalent today
so let's all watch our television and wave
our flags for the national football team
while some of us mourn and grieve my dears
for the deaths of cherished dreams

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