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   Sometimes, I’m still in Nam

The days, months and many years
have passed, but sometime, I’m still in Nam.
I’ll be damned, if, you were in Nam, you know
 it wasn’t too grand.
If, you were into snakes, spiders, giant mosquitoes
 and black pajamas, you were a V.C.
If you were a V.C., you’d best not meet up with me!
Whirly-birds, pop flares, claymore’s, F-104 and rockets galore,
“Good Morning Vietnam!” Powdered eggs and fried spam.
A few bottles of “33” then you can take moonbeams home in a jar.
If, you’ve been there, then, I don’t have to tell you about Nam,
If, you have not been there, then you wouldn’t understand.
Forty years later, in the middle of the night, when all is calm, then
all hell breaks loose, the 105’s open up, the 52’s rain their bad news,
 and pop flares are  floating everywhere.
Elephant grass ten feet tall, the V.C. breaching the wire, that's alright,
for they will be greeted by K-9’s and automatic fire.
As you can see…I’m still in Nam!

Jackie R. Kays
© 3/25/13


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