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Doesn't it get late early
This little voice said
From a place way deep,
Deep down in my head
As my vision blurred
So I could barely see
And the world seemed to whirl
Round  and around about me.
Colour came and colour went
Shades of black, grey and white
And  a star that pulsed
A varying intensity of light.
My  vision cleared
To reveal a plain
Whipped by wind
And lashed by rain,

Water rising,
Water falling,
The Mystic voice
Screaming and calling
Close your ears
Fallen child
For this is a time
For the truly wild.
Throbbing drums
And singing trees
As I fell down
Forced To my knees.
And the whirling stopped
And by and by
I watched that star
Flare and die.

Was I awake, was I asleep
Here or  there, or anywhere
As I fought to escape
My wild nightmare.
It's gone it's gone
The chanting said
And the voice returned
To my aching head.
I tossed and tossed
On a stormy Black Sea
As that voice
Tortured me:
Nonsense muttered
Or so it seemed
Until I truly slept, released
At last  from my waking dream.

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