Perry Campanella

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Reality - what it's really like, save paranoid
I'll attempt explaining, why I won't make eye contact
can't look you in the eye, I'd rather be in a void
some take this as being shy, why complain this or that

I trust no one, I judge no one
Direct questions O' I do shun
eccentric, nah! Just, going it alone
avoid catastrophic disturbances also confusion

Reasoning unsound, why blame peace an order
I'll set, with my back to a wall, for no intrusion
feeling disregard for any direct instruction
to struggle with having a harmless disturbance

visitors, new faces I think they came to spy
my life, an open book, people complain without reason
some are aware, that know me, how hard I try
moving continually, Paranoia will destroy ya, why

why Is there no cure for such behavior
Only when I let it get the best of me
Truth is- I want to be safe, undisturbed, forever
give in to Paranoia, ill eh? I need to feel I'm free