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I believe therefore I speak,
But if uncertain I seek;
Because I do have a heart,
With faith that will not depart.
So if we both have the same,
Spirit of faith to proclaim;
We both believe what we speak,
And together we can seek.
It just cannot be ignored,
Who really brought back the Lord;
To life like husband and wife,
Together as they share life.
Christ will present us to God,
Pure and without being flawed;
Through Him together with you,
Our faith as one each day through.
All of this is for your sake,
So that together we make;
As His kindness overflows,
In the lives that the Lord chose.
It will raise more thanksgiving,
To glorify His living;
And our faith more courage,
While not to discourage.
We look to be wearing out,
Outwardly causing you doubt;
But inwardly fresh each day,
Because we trust and obey.
Our suffering is light,
Since faith gives us the insight;
To look at the unseen things,
And just what the future brings.

Copyright ©  2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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