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When the Vikings were a pillaging
Did they ever stop for tea,
Ship oars, drop an anchor
And have a snack at sea?

Between the robbery and the burning
Did they ever, I wonder,
Brew a pot of Earl Grey
Before the rape and the plunder.

Were the first seaside resorts
Planned built and made
To attract the Hairy Norse to
Benefit from their passing trade?

Were  Candy Floss and sticks of rock
An astute commercial ploy
To make them spend their cash
Instead of rampage and destroy?

We're they the first package tourists
Albeit it with primitive taste
Like stealing the women and
Laying towns to waste.?

When they got back in Norseland
Did they tell all their pals
About the British islands
And the friendly guys and gals

History is so fascinating and
I really would like to know
If they had a drink and a  paddle
Before it was time for them to go?

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