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Dinner At the Mill House

A day of foreboding,
Arrangements long made,
With military precision
I'm there on parade
Awaiting my guests,
Hoping they'll mix,
Any personality clashes
I'm ready to fix.

New friends and old friends,
Some of my family,
Gathered there, each one
So very important to me.
The party flowed smoothly
At least it did I think
Partially oiled with just
A little alcoholic drink.

The food tasted good
I was so pleased with that:
There seemed to be laughter
And  plenty of chat.
This was my evening,
My statement of intent,
I wanted friends to know
 I'm alive and content.

Dinner at the Mill House
A gathering with an end
To mix together
New and old friends;
Whatever they may  feel,
They came and ate my dishes
And I hope at the end
All bestowed their good wishes.



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Dinner At the Mill House