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 I’ll just keep on Walking!
As that copper sun bears down from that ominous
sky, my throat is as dry, as the flames of hell!
Oh, what I’d give for a cool drink of water from
my old home town well!
What the hell, I’ll just keep on walking,
 no sense crying over my lost days
 gone by.
Yesterday’s memories come and go, some
 are vivid and some have just faded away,
 and I can’t keep from wondering,
where did all those years go?
I’m sorry for the time I’ve wasted,
the missed opportunities and
all the mistakes, because I can’t
say I didn’t get the breaks.
They say, time heals everything,
but will it heal the pain in my soul?
I’ve traveled a million miles and yet,
 the echoes of those past times
 still haunt my reverie.
That copper sun has fallen from that dark sky,
and my throat  is so very, very, dry, and everyone
 that I‘ve known has crossed that old river Styx.
 You guessed it, that old well has long gone dry!
I guess, I’ll just keep on walking; I don’t want
to live forever, but I’m not ready to die.
 A few more miles I have to walk before,
I have my very last cry!
Jackie R. Kays    © 4/9/13

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I`ll Just Keep Walking!