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Ministry Of Disinformation

At the Ministry of Disinformation
In our  world of hard facts
We are here to bend the truth
So that it really attracts.
Some times we downright lie
In an attempt to amuse
Or if we believe it right
Just to mildly confuse.

This world is grey and hard
So each and every day
We attempt brighten it up
In one of many ways.
We exaggerate and fantasise
Speak in riddles and use
Long strings of verbosity
But never words of abuse.

We fill your haunted fish tank
With a  dose of daily soaps
And run the national lottery
To help keep up your hopes.
We give glory to the teams
That play the national game
Knowing how you  bask
In their reflected fame.

 And we try to keep you happy
As you read your red top rags:
we don' t believe in rationing
Your need for booze and cigs
 Keep you happy in your ignorance
While those that really matter,
The wise, the rich, the worthy
Control and wax daily fatter.

At the Ministry of Misinformation
We sincerely daily strive
To keep the status quo
Healthy and alive.
Our rewards we get in time,
Awards, titles, pensions
And we sleep each night knowing
We are full of good intentions.

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Ministry Of Disinformation