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Hicksville Pt ii

No Show Jones buys the drinks
Willie Nelson keeps the bar
Hargus Robbins plays Honky Tonk
With Chet Atkins on guitar
In  a corner Kris and Johnny
Co operate on a song
Waylon hums the melody
To help it along.

Hank junior sips his Jim Bean
As he talks about his dad
Wishes he remembered
More of the time they had.
More of them crowd around
In my mind's Hall of Fame
All of them my heroes
And each one knows my name.

There's a change in the tempo,
Bob Wills plays Texas swing
A respectful silence from the boys
As they listen to him sing.
This is a Hillbilly Heaven
Rolling around in my head
A select band of artist
Some living and some dead.

And it's full of country music
Laughter and noise,
Back slapping and chatting
With this gang of good ol' boys,
All there to help me make it,
All together for my sake,
Easing me through the night
Until its my time to wake.

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Hicksville Pt ii