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Hull Veteran Support Centre, Wassand Arms

Once a month on a Saturday we are out on the streets, regimental Berets and badges on, collecting buckets in hand:  people stop and ask why, and some of them give for which we are very grateful.  Here's the reason why.

It was just a local pub
Until they tore the houses down
Leaving it isolated in a now
Industrial  part of town,
But now it's back in action
As a centre once more;
There's a glassed in nameplate
On the newly painted door

Saying welcome to you veteran
We can brew a coffee in a trice
And we have the right connections
If you're needing help or advice.
It's manned by volunteers
Who've all done their bit
They talk your language pal
So just walk in and try it.

Maybe you need to relax
Or just chew the fat
That's okay my friend
They're all pretty good at that.
The old pub is back in business
Help them do what they can
To provide support
To a needy Vet or serviceman

 The Hull Veteran Support Centre.
It's still small but its growing
And they're out on the street
To keep the funds flowing.
Chuck your coin in the bucket:
Help them be there
To help a fellow human
Who may need help and care.


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Hull Veteran Support Centre, Wassand Arms