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sunny day photo: sunny day sunny.jpg

The sun is shining so brightly outside today
There's a warm gentle western breeze blowing
It reminds me of those lazy days now long past

When things were slower and far more relaxed
There wasn't all this visible anger everywhere
People were much more friendlier way back then

Back then we were far more civil to each other
And we would trust people or even strangers too
There wasn't all the back stabbing like today

You could also take folks at their word back then
There weren't all of these multiple personalities
People were honest and down to earth in the past  

There wasn't all of this cloak and dagger drama
Befriending people just to find their weak spot
Then they use whatever weakness found against them

Some have said that life is a continuing education
That we all will learn new things with each new day
As we broaden our own horizons and our own knowledge

I thought that I had learned many things in Vietnam
There's minefields and booby traps in life here too
And like in Vietnam you learn quickly to avoid them

Some Vietnamese would act like they were your friend
They'd be friendly in the day and struck us at night
They been just trying to find your weak point was all

We paid a heavy price for trusting some Vietnamese
Many were just playing both sides against each other
Really they only cared what was in it for themselves

Gaining your trust while they were setting up an ambush
They'd suddenly strike us in the darkness of the night
Then they would just silently slip away into the jungle

Today people still play this same game against others
But life here on earth is but a blink of ones own eye
And when compared to eternity it was nothing at all

And now once more history is repeating itself again
Just as in Vietnam when you had trusted someone else
They'd use any weakness they had found against you

And now today people are playing this same game again
Striking out against others with malice of forethought
Then play this I'm innocent and just a victim too game

But the day will come when their lives will be reviewed
All of their words and childish misdeeds won't fool God
And they will finally answer for all the evil deeds done

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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