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I've varying thoughts about music,
Still remember that day at school
When the bullying music master
Berated me as a stupid fool
For my inability to sing,
Finally reducing  me to tears
An embarrassment still
Across all those years.

Then along came  skiffle
So glad that I found
That Do It Yourself
Three chord sound
Which in time led me to
Discovering the Blues,
And the joy of vinyl discs
With so much to choose.

And then on to country
Another huge genre range
With such a variety of styles
That I've felt no need to change.
Country and Blues, some Jazz
Trickle almost  daily to my ears,
Particularly pleasant experience
With one or two cold beers.

I was a young person
With an eager and open mind
Ready to try and absorb any
New experience I could find.
Sadly classical music is closed
Since that humiliation at school
When that sadist of a teacher
Made me look such a fool.

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