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On Beacon Hill

We ate by The Beacon
Not quite a lunch
Just an impromptu sort of
Al Fresco  munch.
The bridge stood magnificently
Sweeping from side to side,
The full length of the road span
Apparently about a mile wide.

It must have been high water
As five container barges went
Along the south bank
To nose into the River Trent.
Romping along the bank
A waggly tailed dog
Struggled with a big stick,
More like a small log.

Three other dogs ran around
So pleased to be
Let off the leash
To run wild and free.
We brushed off the crumbs
And started walking back
Along the crooked path
Between river and rail track.

Ahead in the distance
The Country Park Inn drew near;
Good to sit outside there
For a coffee or a beer.
A very pleasant ritual, those
Tuesday morning walks,
Enjoying the company and
Our  ambling, rambling talks.

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On Beacon Hill