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In this world of daily eye truth
Any inner city youth, out here,
daily cut his tooth trying to get major pay
living among the sticks and the bricks
American the rich,
Plotters' plots get sick thick
I'm alive, thanks God I survived another day
Will I make it tomorrow in this sorrow
I don't know
A youth crying from the hair picks,
Watered down to get it slick
I made up my mind it's a major crime
to waste my time, my foe
trying to give me a fatal blow
By any means or method
I'm battlefield invested,
a weapon well tested
God is my only hero
It was in my mind to stay low key
Needed something shiny,
so I got a trophy
It's not a necessary evil but evil is necessary
Reality turn a war ready warrior into a fairy
The world will come against you to see what you got
Burden on top of struggles,
trying to break your back
In and out with that poverty sack
You'll never survive this jungle if you're too slow
Any inner city youth out here learn the real truth
Two laws,
One for the poor and one for the rich
Greed and power turn us all into bricks
When you rise up
everybody become the foe
They’re trying to turn me into a black Nero
Another day and the clock goes tick tock
When will the abuse of the inner city youth stop
But no, too much money to be made
The face of a modern day slave
Reality won't let my eyes lie
The physical chains are gone, say I'm wrong
But I can still hear Kunta cry
The world can't change its ways, though we try
As long as injustice prevails the past will never die
The pressure is on
They got me strapped down in the zone
The spot light's strong,
Got me shining like a herringbone
Those of you who want this fame
There's no glory in this pain
Lord even though I hear your voice
I feel I have no choice in this course,
Born in the lyrics of a blues song
In an instant my eyes take a cruise
It's about survival,
my stomach make me choose
It's do or die, it's time
I can't help but cry
While choking down the booze
trying to drown the fire in my mind

Copyrights 2013
Robert Anthony James

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Any Inner City Youth