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Birgelen Veterans Charity Walk, June 2010

From Liverpool to Leeds the newsletter said
Walked over nine days. I carried on and read
Here's an initiation to some of you -
Come join in and see what you can do.
I joined at Bingley the very last stage
Just about enough for a man of my age.
Jacko came from Belfast, not seen him since 64
We spent three very pleasant hours in jaw jaw jaw.
For the last three miles I ended up on my own
Thanks the powers that be for the mobile phone
Because I hadn't listened and I got a little lost
And an extra half mile was the quite painful cost.
One wondrous pint  on Leeds station,
As a driver just the one was my ration,
A goodbye to all at the end of that day
For I had to be up and on my way
To Tom and Kevin I raised my Stetson hat
Walked all the way and still smiling after that.
And the Veterans Association   carries on and on
And the Birgelen Spirit still glows bright and strong

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Birgelen Veterans Charity Walk, June 2010