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The clouds are dark,
Can't see the moon;
As rains embark,
Like a monsoon.
Such heavy rain,
Hitting against;
The window pain,
These rains commenced.
Like a typhoon,
As the wind blows;
Playing a tune,
That only God knows.
Sounds so intense,
Hitting the eaves;
Being immense,
To nourish leaves.
As though it seems,
An overflow;
Streets now are streams,
All rain will go.
There's no relief,
What I can tell;
But have belief,
A boat to dwell.
It seems so deep,
Here on the street;
I try to keep,
Dry socks and feet.
I ask the Lord,
Please make it cease;
It brings discord,
So we need peace.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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