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Show Love

“Show Love”
Written by Loi (for February 13, 2003)

Who is love, and who love the people?
God; God is love
God is teaching you how to love
Show love to people no matter where they come from
Therefore people need love
Without love, nothing has love but hate
Christian (1) love Christian (2) as Christian (2) love Christian (1)
Christian talks, not alone and that is love

Show love is the good action; God show love to us
If we don't show love to people,
We left them out
God disciplines us to show love
Love is not jealous
And if we jealous, we don't show love
Therefore, if I steal husband away from wife,
I make wife to not show love to me
No, I respect their marriage
And that wife show love to me

Never let hate come to your life
May never let your life be living as is hate your life
Walk with God, and he safe your life
He will teach you how to keep showing love to people
Show love to people
They are meant to you
Always show love to people; that is God is love,
Yes, God is love