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  tammy soleno

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 life through a childs eyes

In a world so vast and free,
A child's vision dances with glee.
Through innocent eyes, life unfolds,
Every moment an adventure to behold.

With giggles, they chase the sun's bright rays,
Running through fields in carefree plays.
Their laughter, like birdsong in the air,
Filling hearts with pure joy and flair.

In the realm of make-believe and dreams,
A magical kingdom, it truly seems.
Castles built with blocks and imagination,
A land of endless exploration.

Their tiny hands grasp nature's treasures,
Collecting seashells, feathers, and small pleasures.
No worries, no fears, just pure delight,
Embracing each day with all their might.

A child notices the smallest of things,
The fluttering of butterfly wings.
Dewdrops on delicate petals they find,
Beauty existing in every kind.

Colors explode in their vivid mind,
Like a kaleidoscope of the humankind.
Bright, vibrant hues in every sight,
A wondrous tapestry of day and night.

And in their heart, love knows no bounds,
Their hugs and kisses a symphony that resounds.
Unconditional and pure, pure as can be,
Love that melts hearts and sets spirits free.

A child's eyes see the world through grace,
An enchanting journey in every space.
As we grow older, let's not forget,
To cherish life's wonders without regret.

For in the innocence of a child's gaze,
We find solace and peace in life's maze.
So, let's embrace this gift, for it's truly wise,
To perceive and live life through a child's eyes.

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