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Since we have confidence,
Within the new promise;
We boldly speak in defense
Show we are serious.
We are not like Moses,
In covering my face;
No one saw how grievous,
He was when he got grace.
But their minds became closed,
And in fact to this day;
His face is not exposed,
Others must look away.

The same veil still remains,
While reading the Word;
Since Jesus Christ retains,
Until each one has heard.
Yet even as today,
A veil covers your mind;
For as you read you stray,
And not thinking too kind.
When you turn to the Lord,
The veil must be removed;
Your prayers are not ignored,
And your link has improved.
This Lord is the Spirit,
With Him there is freedom;
And free to inherit,
The Lord and His Kingdom.
As all of us reflect,
Faces covered in His glory;
And none of us reject,
Blessings in the story.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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