Tattoos in Mayberry

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My face has more wrinkles than Johnny Unitas
My body's war-torn from osteo-arthritis
No longer multi-orgasmic.
When I'm aroused
it's far from fantastic
Women seem colder
My life's in a manilla folder
My skin's pock marked brown as molass
I'm older, no wiser
with no fortune to miser
I'm up  over age 60 plus tax
In a pinch, there's little to flaunt.
I get senior's discounts
but, that's not what I want.
My hair has grown thick 
in my ears and my nose.
Phlegm flows freely
from out of my pie hole..
I snort when I wheeze,
Doc, more pain killers please
that's how it is to grow old.

If I could grow young
I'd go long
I'd be stoked.
They wouldn't say 'hey gramps,
where are you going'
I wouldn't be fumbling around
 in some hospital gown
sporting butt cheeks of cheese to be showing

I'd awaken each day
with a bounce to my step
I'd tap dance to parties,
be nobody's schlep.
Blue ribbons and bow ties
your number one rep
If I could grow young
and not old

Lord, with your mercy
please bring me home
Sidestepping the smells
the blast whistles, alarms
and mind numbing bells.
 The incessant
coughing and wheezing,
nose blowing and sneezing,
A telephone's ringing
The charge nurse keeps singing
while none of my family's showing

 Up or down soon my soul 
will be flying
I  know all about death
you see, my friends
  are all dying.

Still the world keeps on turning
while my stomach is churning.
Am I some unholy relic,
who's terminally unique
All these youth with pinched smiles
trudging through
road weary miles
I've  too often remained silent
when I should speak.

Now that I'm older and paying less taxes
Here's my principle with interest
if it'll awaken the masses

I'm a groovy old shrew.
With a surprise left or two
So consider giving me half of a chance

My only dilemma are these delusions of grandeur
and these delusions keep shitting their pants
I'm not dead quite yet
nor ready to fold.
That's how it is to grow old...

All published and editing rights reserved 'as is' by this author

Buddy Bee Anthony

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That`s How It Is To Grow Old