Conversations with Shehe

Divine Lie

When I went
To college
I couldn't lie
My way out of
A wet paper

For me
Was taking a
Class where
I could lie so well
The teacher
Thanked me
For my generosity
Even though
I despised

I remember
Looking into
Her eyes
Seeing that
She couldn't see me
Noticing she could
Only hear
What she wanted to…
I only told her
What she needed
To be happy
To leave me be
So I could go about
My day…
I had no need
To change her mind
To show her
Any truth
Or point of view.

Or the day after
I will see him.
He can't hear me
He can't see me
And I just need
Him to hear
What he wants to
So he can go back
To believing
Everything is ok
When it never
Will be…

I have no need
To change them
To point out
That they've got it all wrong…
I remember standing
Before the Heart
Of the In-between place
(some call it heaven)
And the Divine
Had no need
To tell me
“You got it all wrong
About Me kid.”
It is something
I have never

They have both told me
They love me
But I have been
To the place they
Can only imagine
And Love is
A visceral frequency
And what they
As love
Is only
A pale shadow,
It is the best
They are capable of
In this moment,
And because
That is the truth
I can't expect
Any of them
To know
More than
They do.

Yes you love me
The Divine Loves
Me too,
Just not the same
As you.

Is it a lie
If you can't hear
What I am

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Divine Lie

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