Walkin on Air

Empathy Shoes

Would I be found to stand alone beneath
this tree that grew from wisdom won through years,
where pain supports soft thoughts behind salt tears
awash; yet blind she sees naught but buckteeth!
Ah! Brightly shine they do, as to unsheathe
her baseless play to mock with words and jeers
unkind; mayhap time  flees away and steers
the scorn to crown yon head whereon a wreath  
of shame must lay? Should hate bedeck his core?
Light jest cannot uncouth away bedim;
and yet, behind his face unveils much more
than just some fault entwined in nature's whim:
t'is said, ‘to know the soul will change one's mind,
make narrow fools be seen as were they, kind?'  

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Empathy Shoes

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