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Please imitate me,
The way I do Christ;
So others can see,
How He sacrificed.
I praise you always,
Follow traditions;
That each one obeys,
God and conditions.
I want you to know,
That Christ has power;
Where each man does go,
Even each flower.
For a husband same,
A girl in his life;
That he does proclaim,
To be as his wife.
God has dominion,
Over Jesus Christ;
In perfect union,
The way He sufficed.
If man covers head,
At the time you pray;
Dishonors instead,
The one they obey.
Each woman who prays,
Speaks what God revealed;
Also disobeys,
If head not concealed.
What God has revealed,
Dishonors the One;
Who has the book sealed,
And had sent His Son.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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