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As a budding thespian
My ambitions weren't extreme
Just to shout armed police
In a Bill TV episode scene.
You could see it every week
In this popular weekly drama:
They would all line up
In full body armour.

At a given signal,
Never ever before
At the shout of "armed police"
They would smash down a door.
I never ever thought
They did it with sufficient passion
So I practised and practised
To do it in proper fashion.

After years and years of trying
I achieved a perfect performance peak
And then they canned the series
That very next week.
I still practise every day
To ensure my art's survival
Just in case in time
There is a series revival.

I shout "armed police" every day
But mostly now under my breath
After an  incident when i nearly
Scared a neighbour to death.
I have to be careful now;
Once I did it too well
Clearing a shopping centre
And ending up in a cell.

The Inspector was sympathetic.
He promised to let me know
If he heard any rumours
Of  revival of the show.
I sit at home in anticipation,
Always honing up my skill,
Of the day I shout armed police,
In a new episode of The Bill.

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