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Even though I am free,
Not considered a slave;
I have wisdom to see,
A life beyond the grave.
I made myself a slave,
For all of the people;
To win more from the grave,
Confession per the Gospel.
So I became a Jew,
Being as a Christian;
Converting the Hebrew,
With a good intention.
A subject Moses taught,
If subject to the laws;
For the answers they sought,
How to rid of the flaws.
I did this as to win,
Even though I was not,
Under the curse of sin,
And no need to be taught.
I am like a person,
Who does not have to be;
Because what has begun,
Moses teachings taught me.
I did this as to win,
Many Jews even though;
A way to erase sin,
To understand and know.
For the teachings of Christ,
And really subject to;
When weak I sacrificed,
Those weak I helped them through.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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