Adikaran's Poetry

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I left my body and gone

to watch the paradise 

I met with God up there

I have told him I am new here,


I Ike to come to see this place

I heard a lot about this place

when I was in my body.

.I wanted to experience this place.


Then God asked me

what else you wanted to tell me

I told him that I wish you could accompany me

to all the places and show around me

I feel protected.


When the trip was over God asked me

how did you find the place

I told the journey was very nice

I enjoyed the palace visit

I enjoyed the food .


I felt this place is same as what I heard

I had  seen many angels in the subtle region

The amazing beauty of the place is added

by the beauty of souls ,all living happy

and peacefully with bliss


Lastly, I told God I do not wish to go back

Would you please give me a shelter

and I like to stay as an obedient servant

serving him rest of  my life.