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random thoughts on a brilliant sunny day

Shining days...
I used to hide away from it.

Being more a creature of
the night,
starlight and dance lights
provided me with all my necessary

Now I walk amongst
the creatures of the
day and attempt to feel human.

The minutes sparkle,
but the rays are trickery, maybe
another kind of false light.

I notice that people
or their facsimile rarely look directly
at/or into one
Too busy, they are, glued to other things.
Yet, not really, other people. How could it be,
in the clear light of day, that people
seem blinded in this way? Its a wonder, they're
not bumping into one another. Stepping on toes.

I cannot help but note the irony.

And how, sometimes, I still feel more alive, and live more
happily...walking in a field or by a river with one friend or
all alone. I know, I am better with people, one-by-one.

Being crowded out is not my thing.

And...Daylight brings with it visions of a maddening crowd.
People squawking like birds
into gadgets. Spraying and displaying their thoughts all around.

Somehow, this makes me crave the distances,
the covered-ness of night.

This thought does not make me
some kind of monster...
I simply know who I am.

Copyright December 4,2013
All Rights Reserved By This Author
Melissa A. Howells/Meloo

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