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I do encourage you,
With no unethical scheme;
For all I say is true,
As farfetched it may seem.
No corrupt practices,
Nor any deception;
Using no disguises,
To distort perception.
I just spread the Good News,
God trusts me to do so;
Not of personal views,
Just telling what I know.
For I have passed His test,
Not to please the people;
Rather to do my best,
For God and the Gospel.
God tests our motives,
As to no get rich quick;
Or of lustful captives,
That is trying to trick.
I seek no praise from you,
Or no one else either;
For I just want to do,
Give praise to the Father.
For God is my witness,
As I stand here today;
And He shall surely bless,
Continuing this way.
So I remain gentle,
While I was with you;
Not being judgmental,
Telling what I know true.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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