My dreams of you.

Come to me,
as I close my eyes and drift away
in my dreams are words I long to say,
I hold you close and in my arms you stay
just help me make it through another day.

Come to me,
Share this love I have inside my heart
locked inside these dreams we never part,
they make the only thing I wish for come true
they take me back to when our love was new.

Come to me,
in the memories right here inside my mind
if I searched a thousand years I'll never find,
someone like you to share my whole life through
no one else can fill my dreams there's only you.

Come to me,
and end these lonely tears I cry each day
never leave my dreams please say you'll stay,
there you smile for me the way you used to do
as I close my eyes and begin my dreams of you.

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My dreams of you.

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