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My younger brother Kerry hadn't been feeling to well the last few weeks and
made an appointment to see his VA doctor to see if they could figure out why
he was getting so exhausted every time he tried doing anything at all lately,
especially walking short distances within his own apartment. They have done
quite a few tests on him down at the Detroit VA hospital and the results came
back that he has Cancer of the thyroid and even worse, he has Leukemia too.
He was then transferred on Friday to the Ann Arbor, Michigan VA hospital next
to the University of Michigan Medical Center because they have a better Cancer
treatment center at that facility. He will begin Chemo treatments this morning
as they say it is critical that they start them right away and they hope that
by going with prolonged treatments they can still be able to get the Leukemia
under control and then they can remove his Thyroid. They also believe it was
caused by his own exposure to Agent Orange herbicides sprayed around his base
in Vietnam, Kerry went there 10 days after I had returned home from over there
after my 1 year tour of duty. Kerry was a Sargent in the U.S. Army working as
a combat engineer and his unit was responsible for getting water from a large
river outside of his base (a very dangerous job because of ambushes by the VC)
then they would purified it for our troops assigned to Plieku Army Base. I am
asking for all of my friends and those readers of my poems to keep my younger
brother in your prayers as he is now facing a very rough New Year in 2014, We
will certainly appreciate it and we say thanks to all of you for your thoughts
and your prayers for my younger brother.

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior & Terryscorner
  December 17th, 2013

Update on my younger brother Kerry!
After undergoing Chemo treatments since this past December 2013, the Veterans
Administration has told my younger brother Kerry that the reports show that his
latest bone marrow tests for his Leukemia has shown that he is currently being
diagnosed as in remission and that it also appears that his Thyroid may not be
affected by Cancer as first believed. They will not know for sure until he has
further testing done, but it appears that his future may be much brighter than
was first believed after his first testing that was done back in December 2013
at the Detroit VA hospital. I want to thank all who have sent messages and who
have prayed for my younger brother Kerry and his family.

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior & Terryscorner  
February 17th, 2014




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