Story of Suzie ( Humour)

Now I'll tell you the story of Suzie
of how men sought her with lust,
she was plain and simple old Suzie
but she had a fifty inch bust.

The men would swoon after Suzie
to see them swing left and right,
like cannons all paused and ready
in a sweater worn far too tight.

Now Suzie she up and got married
to a man with considerable wealth,
but all his money couldn't give him
one night of passionate health.

That night of poor Susie's wedding
while laying stark naked in bed,
as he approached her two ample melons
he sighed rolled over fell dead.

Suzie went straight into mourning
next day she bought a new mink,
with designer clothes by the dozen
gold taps with porcelain sink.

Now the years went by for old Suzie
and the men didn't stare any more,
her jugs that she had once flaunted
were now heading for the floor.

One day while sat at her mirror
brushing her hair now dyed pink,
she made herself a concoction
of pills poured into strong drink.

Now they made a coffin for Suzie
one to hide her very large breast,
they layed her next to her husband
and now that's where they both rest.

If you should venture her graveside
walk careful while you're about,
you may trip over so do beware
of two mounds of dirt sticking out.

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Story of Suzie ( Humour)

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