The Word Jehovah Is A Mispronounciation

The word Jehovah is a mispronounciation
Of the word Yahweh
As it was translated and derived from
Hebrew letters
Hebrew alphabet doesn't have the sound of Jehovah

Of couse God undestands
When you say Jehovah
And think of Him
Without knowing that His name is Yahweh

But the fact still remains
The word Jehovah is a mispronounciation
It is a mispronounced word.
His actual name is Yahweh

Because God the Father's name is sacred
It is spiritual
Since when you speak in English or other language
When you say Jehovah
You are sayng to everyone
That it is the actual foreign name
As if from heaven,
The name of God the Heavenly Father.
But the word Jehovah is not from heaven.
The reason why it sounds so foreign
In every language,is because it was made up
By the translators of the Bible.
They didn't wanted to say the Hebrew word Yahweh,
So they decided to change it into a made up word Jehovah.

Yet when in fact His actual name is Yahweh
So it should be pronounced,
Spoken, and written as Yahweh
And not Jehovah
Jehovah is a made up word
Made up by the translators of the Bible
When they translated the Old Testament
From the original Hebrew into English language.

And if you know His name is Yahweh
Please do not use the word Jehovah
Because that encourages
People that don't know
To think that God the Father's name
Is Jehovah
When it actually is Yahweh

The foreign name to all of us
That refers to God the Heavenly Father
In all spoken languages besides Hebrew
Is not Jehovah from heaven,but is Yahweh
So if Jehovah is not His name
Please don't encourage other believers
To think that Jehovah is His actual name.

Jehovah's witnesses deny that Jesus Christ was
The only Begotten Son Who always existed
With the Heavenly Father before all Creation
They deny that the Holy Spirit is a third Deity
of one and only Triune God
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Elohim the Holy Trinity

They teach that the Holy Spirit is a force
By that they call Jesus Christ a liar
For He said in the gospel of John 15 and 16
Holy Spirit is a Counselor
A Comforter who will come and teach and guide
The disciples,
When Jesus Christ will go back
To God the Heavenly Father.

Jesus Christ said reffering to the Holy Spirit
That the Holy Spirit will testify of Him
He will glorify Jesus Christ
And that the Holy Spirit will guide us
He shall not speak of Himself
But whatsoever He shall hear
That shall He speak and He will show you

Obviously what Jesus Christ said
Is the truth
And what Jehovah's witnesses say is a lie
I hope and pray that people would
See it in their life

Holy Spirit is not just a force
But is a third Deity
Of one and only living Triune God
Elohim the Holy Trinity
And the name of the Heavenly Father
As the Hebrew Old Testament says, is Yahweh...

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