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How can people call on Him,
Nonbelievers which are grim;
Having agony and pain,
Feeling like going insane.
How could they ever believe?
They are able to receive;
Salvation from our Lord,
And they have simply ignored.
They have never even heard,
The Good News straight from the Word;
And to get eternal life,
In which will end all their strife.
The message is still quite clear,
But some turn deaf and not hear;
If no one hears the Good News,
Then how will someone else choose.
How can they hear the Good News?
If no one else sends the crews;
And then maybe by some chance,
New believers would advance.
How beautiful are the feet,
Of the messenger you meet;
Who tells the Gospel of Christ,
How His life was sacrificed.
 But not all have yet believed,
Because not all have received;
Power from His Holy Word,
Since many still have not heard.
Who believes our message?
Having the right of passage;
Because faith comes from hearing,
When the truth is appearing.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer

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