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Boys' Toys, !

For so many years
One great joy of my life 
Carried in my pocket was
My Swiss Army knife:
But now I've progressed onwards
To the latest combined tool
One of the latest Leatherman
And boy does it look cool.
Slung in its belt holster,
Which they provided free,
 My new little Leatherman
Really really does suit me.
It has seventeen different things
Each having its own chore
But being so versatile
It does so very much more.
I can screw and saw and file,
Grip and cut and wire strip,
Open any bottle 
That has a suitable cap lip.
Oh my new little tool
In so many different ways
Has added so much joy
To my once humdrum days.
Worn with a swagger, 
Holstered at the waist
I'm identified as a man
Of discernment and taste.
With my new Leatherman 
And my Swiss Army knife
I'm ready and willing to face
Many vicissitudes of life.
My Leatherman, my Leatherman
Too sophisticated for a boy,
Such a fitting tool for a man
And a source of  pride and joy.

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