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Waste & fraud are two of the worst offenses
They both cheat others from rightful things
It's caused by carelessness or by stupidity

Sometimes it's caused by plain old greed
Sometimes it's caused by greedy officials
Sometimes it's caused by brilliant minds

Sometimes it's one whose plotted and schemed
With devious intentions right from the start
It was always part of their own master plan

They have stolen the future hopes for retirement
It may have been a tricky scam on a elder citizen
To con them out of their own hard earned savings

It was also all those broken campaign promises
Big time politicians who had promised everything
After they got your vote you got no hope or change

You were never going to get that hope and change
That had been promised by these anointed leaders
They never intended to make good on their words

So now you are in worse shape than five years ago
Maybe you've lost your job and your life savings
Not to mention your house or your brand new car

So what more will it take to make you see clearly
There's been way too much waste & fraud committed
And you voted to give them all another four years!  

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Is everyone here in America really that gullible that you'll
just believe whatever these political con men tell you? They
will out and out lie through their teeth to deceive & scare
our old senior citizens into believing that if they don't go
and re-elect the anointed ones, that they will lose all of
their medicare and their Social Security Benefits that they
need to live on in their retirement years. When you take the
time and make an honest effort to check out the true facts
you will find out that they had spread all of their lies to
intimidate our fellow citizens to vote for them so that they
could have four more years to continue their waste and fraud
on us the American citizens who only wanted some real hope &
change, but instead all they got was an even higher national
debt, more jobs were lost than were gained no matter how they
manipulate the their figures and charts, more homes have been
foreclosed on and more people lost their brand new cars that
were reprocessed when they could no longer make the payments
to their banks after losing their jobs and incomes. The same
banks that ended up with all the bailout money received from
our current government administration. So then please tell me
once again people, is this really all the hope & change that
you had all wanted five years ago? And then after everything
that had happen you all voted to give them yet another four
more years to continue to screw up everything even more than
it is now. Now after one year of their second term they have
created even more waste and fraud and have taken away your
health coverage from you and doubled or tripled your cost to
get new coverage they continue to line their own pockets and
you and your own family just might end up on the streets with
nothing left to call your own. How brilliant is that people?
Vote all of these bums out of office and let's get some fresh
new minds to replace them who can work together on solutions
to our national problems and the safety of our own nation too
with all these new hostile threats being made and carried out
against our citizens and our nation too.

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