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I Thought I Knew You

I thought I really knew you,
this man that I would come to trust and believe in.
A man that I thought I could finally give my all to,
which include my very heart and soul too.
Afraid of love and getting hurt once again,
there he was for me to love.
Open and honest he too was afraid to love again.
Afraid of the pain that love could bring,
if he would love once again.
 But there we where willing to try and take
a chance to love once again.
 I thought I really knew you,
So I trusted you with all my heart.
It was you who had said that I was the one
who had open your heart and showed you how to love once again.
So blind to love I believed all the promises
that you had made to me.
Like a fool I trusted you,
 promising to always cherish me and to always be loyal.
To never leave me but to always want to be with me.
To care for me and never hurt or judge me,
but to always love me just as I am.
I thought I really knew you,
for we both had taken a chance to love once again.
God, what was I thinking to make me believed you?
I put all my trust in each and every word that you had told me.
How much you had adored me and that you would never leave me.
Only to have you lie and brake each and every
promise that you had made to me.
How I thought I knew you,
but it all turned out to be a lie.
How could you have make all those promises to me?
Why did I put all my trust in every word that you had said to me.
Never, will I ever leave you, was the words that
you had told me.
It would be the rest of my life that I wish to spend with you,
 and to someday make you my wife is all the lies that you told me.
What a fool was I, to ever believe in you.
I truly thought I knew you.
A God sent is what you told me
that I was to you and how much I've shown
you how to trust and believe in love again.
Well, I guess I really didn't know who
and want I was truly dealing with.
Now you have only left me feeling like a fool for ever trusting you.
I thought I really knew you,
a man that I could trust and relay on.
I truly can't believe you would ever do this to me.
So when I thought I knew everything about you,
 I really didn't know the real you.
Everything about you was just a lie to me.
All the words and promise that you made me to
believe where all lie too.
I don't understand how could you have done this to me.
All that you said you would never do to me
is what you have already done to me.  
  Yes, I was so dumb to think that I really knew you,
but now I know who you truly are now.
You are a man that has no true honor,
in life and love.
A man that has nothing.
This is what I will always know and remember about you.
 In my eyes you deserve to get back every hurt and pain
that you have done to me.
I hope and pray that the next woman you plan
to do this to will be a lot smarter then I was.

This is for you Charlie
may you never hurt
another woman the way
you did to me.

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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