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Crying For Sleep

My head is badly throbbing 
My eyes starting to weep
As I lie there futility
Hoping for sleep.

Tiger Lily cat
With half open eye
Seems to mock my efforts
As I vainly try

Just to snatch some 
Much needed rest
Later tomorrow 
I need to be at my best.

Open mic at the Black Horse
My words  tumbling through my head
As I writhe, toss and turn
In my great wreck of a bed.

To add insult to injury
Now Tiger Lily is snoring
Making this long night
More frustrating and boring.

I need sleep, I need sleep, 
But, for Heaven's sake
Every little night sound
Just jerks me more awake.

I know tomorrow afternoon
Try as I may
I'll drop off to kip thus wasting 
A good part of the day,


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Crying For Sleep