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My Girl I Once Knew

What ever happen to that girl I once knew?
Tell me what happen to her?
So much life in her we could never keep her still.
Always wanting to do something, always on the move.
 Laughing and smiling just full of joy,
was always apart of your life.
Tell me what happen to my little girl?
So much dreams of what you wanted your life to be.
Dancing Hula was everything to you, it was a dream for you from the age of two.
You could have gone so far, that's how great you really where.
How we always talked about you going off to college from
the time you where only five years old.
That is how strong minded you once where.
So full of life and self worth.
Always knowing what you wanted out of life.
Always believing in yourself and everything that you did.
We all believed in you, that we always made sure you knew it too.
Growing up, you always talk about all the different things that you wanted do to,
 be a nurse, then charge your mind, you decided you wanted to be a judge,
then charged your mind once again to say you wanted to be a teacher someday.  
God, tell me please what ever happen to that girl, she used to be?
We just don't know where she is, so lost in she life,
 that we just don't see that same girl, she use to be.
What did I do to make things go so wrong?
I just don't know who she is any more.
There is no more laughter or any more smiles,
 that I've seen on her face for such a long time.
All I see now is a girl full of stress and depression in her life.
What can I do to get her back? Back to the place that she once was?
I've tired so many things, even talking doesn't do any thing.
I just feel like I've lost her and there is no way to reach out to her.
As a mother I feel like a helpless soul, feeling like I've been put to Hell.
So lost that I feel like I can't find her any more.
 Lord, please Help me now!
Is there still time to save her from still life that she is living in.
It's so hard for me to believe that from all the guys that
she could have she would settle for a jerk that refuses to work,
and believes that he can let my daughter live in a life of crime.
God, Tell me what went wrong? Please tell me where did she go?
 Meeting him is when all this hell began and to top
  he is also now the father of my grandchild.
He is not only messing with my daughter's life but with a child's life too.
All I want is to have my daughter and baby back
in my life where I know that they will be safe and away for harm.
What I would give to be able to see my daughter smile and be happy once again.
So tired of seeing her depress and under so much stress.
She just needs to get away from this monster that she believes in.
He has made her lose her way, her way of thinking she way of living.
 There is just to much stress that he has brought into her life.
She is no longer that girl we once knew, all his done was ruin her life.
  I need to find the courage and faith to believe that
she will soon open up and realize that this jerk it not for her.
 That there is more to life that want she is living now.
 And that there is still time to still live her dream.    
Please let me help her find her way back home, so that she
 will be able to find that true person that is some where still deep inside.
 Everyone makes mistakes in they path in life, but sooner or later you will
need to open they eyes and see what kind of life that they want to live.
Make up your mind soon my sweet little girl, because this life that you are
living is a life worth nothing.
He has done nothing and I mean nothing for you, but to live in a life of crime,
 this isn't the life that you belong to.
So much hopes and dreams, all the happiness that you once had and knew
 only to be wasted on this jerk who shows no appreciation for nothing that you do.
God, Please help me and give me the Courage and Faith to go and bring my daughter
back and Help me to make her see and find her way back to how her life use to be.
I'm so lost myself because I feel as if I have lost a part of myself.
She needs to start believing in herself once again,
and stop thinking that she needs him to feel like she is alive.
She needs to know that she doesn't need a man,
all she needs is to believe in herself once again.
 Lost and so catch up in a world that she had no business being in.
Time to grow up and realize that this life is just not for you.
 Just stop and look at yourself and all the stress that you're in.
Is it really all worth it? Is losing your child worth it?
Enough is enough it is time for you to come home and find that
young girl that we all once knew.


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