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Oh you can make love in a mini van
Though not exactly with ease
The only time I tried it 
I got badly bruised knees
And the approaching lorries
Got the unexpected sight
Of a lady's nether regions 
Exposed in their headlights.
Some of them flashed us
And some  blew their horn
Are we screamed forth our passion in
That fast approaching summer dawn 
Parked in that little layby just by 
The verge of that very busy A1
A road then not so wide
In  those days long gone.
A cuddle and a smoke
And then on our way
To start what for me 
Was a very eventful day.
As we kissed goodbye
Neither of us knew then
We would never ever
See each other again.

Arrested by two Redcaps
Put on a train and sent down
To the Corps depot in an
Eastern Sussex town
And those  next few months
We're so full of angst and strife
it was far too late whren
I got back to a normal life.
When you are getting older
Nature can be very kind
Allowing the recall of such 
Events long stored in the mind.
So you could make love in a mini van
Though not exactly with ease
And you could end up with a pair
Of very badly bruised knees.

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