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Everyone who believes,
Jesus Christ as the Son;
Salvation he receives;
Eternal life is won.
Messiah born from God,
Knows Jesus as the Son;
All who honor and laud,
Knows that He is the One.
Knowing God as Father,
Means you are His child;
And Christ as your Brother,
Not ill-bred or wild.
We know that we love Him,
As well as all His kin;
Then no need to feel grim,
And no reason to sin.
For we love to obey,
All the commandments;
Each and every day,
In making commitments.
To obey is not hard,
Through God we have been born;
Just remain on your guard,
For where we sojourn.
But victory has won,
Over planet earth;
For it is through the Son,
We have received rebirth.
Our faith is what wins,
Giving us victory;
Over all of the sins,
In our history.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer

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