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Wednesday my special Wednesday

That helped me survive,

Without my special Wednesdays 

I doubt I'd be alive.

I’d undress her slowly,

My companion of the night,

And we would settle down

To our evening of delight.

I would draw back the curtain 

So we could watch the stars

Speculating on the likelihood of

Beings watching from alien bars

She encouraged me to talk.

Her interest never failed

To inspire my desire to

Tell her tall fantastic tales.

Of faeries and unicorns,

Much vaunted quests,

Sallies into darklnands

On manhood tests,

The evening progressed

Slid gently along

Until with the last drink

My companion was gone

Just another empty bottle

Standing by my right hand

Just my lonely empty room

No longer a fantasy land

The stars still twinkled 

Through my alcoholic eyes

But no longer concealed

Any elements of surprise.

I’d slide my companion to join

Those already under my bed

Knowing at least I'd eased

The night that loomed ahead.

She was my Wednesday lady

In my quest to seek

Oblivion on that special

Day of each week

Tomorrow face the world
With throbbing aching head

But instead of from insomnia

From drunken sleep instead.

Wednesday my special Wednesday

That helped me survive

Without my special Wednesdays 

 doubt I'd be alive.


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