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400 000, 000.00

Yeah, you heard me right, 400, 000, 000.00. That is how much Veterans Outreach Ministries got vets in lifetime awards last 7 years that they have coming to them. But without help from other veterans or people who think veterans got a raw deal. There is a lot more veterans who need help to get the money and rights that they have coming to them. Paul and Benjy works for no money, giving both of their time and money out of their own pockets to try to keep the outreach afloat, so that many veterans and veterans' family can be help. Paul and his wife have given over $300,000.00 over the last seven years to be able to help veterans get what they are entitled to, which they have earn. We have fought war after war to keep this country free. Now, we are in a war that we can not afford to lose. Otherwise we will  have young men and women not willing to fight if they think  if they get hurt or have issues if the government will not be there to help them recover or get the treatment they need.

Now, it is our turn to help our fellow veterans and their families, so, if we each only give $12 a month we could keep helping the Veterans Outreach Ministries stay open and keep doing all these good things for all us. Now, to made a donation just go to  Veterans Outreach Ministries in Bradford, Ar. And you will find a place to donate, we will be grateful for your help. You can also go to paulbunn.com. we not only help vets money wise but we maybe give them a reason to begin to heal. To help let go of the anger that might have built over the years. Mostly the Vietnam veterans. If people only know how many veterans and their children are homeless maybe then we would help. We want say thank you to the ones who have opened their hearts and pockets to help us already and in anyone's book that makes you a hero. Mainly we ask you to keep the whole world in your prayers.

To all you veterans from all the wars we give you a BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND WELCOME HOME.

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400 000, 000.00

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