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 TRANSITIONS ( Rime Couee )

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(Sestet poetry: A Rime Couee)

Transitions in our lives are like a raft riding us thru, a white-water fall,
Emotions flood with feelings of uncertainty/fear- We hit the wall,
We'll all have our fair share of tough transitions in life, we groan,everyday,
Then all of sudden everything it is alright...it's all over,
For with God by our side, in our raft, we're never alone,we can't stray,
God is the Master Guide that will navigate us through, all night and day.

God is at the front and at the back of the man-made raft,when it sways,
The Lord is there! He'll navigate us through to safety … all the way;
At least until we come to that next bumpy road, to that step or swell,
Emotions floods with feelings of uncertainty/fear; when/where all had fell.
Let's keep our eyes on the One, who's guiding the raft- God, loves us so well,
He's carried millions of others to safety this way before, to that Holy place He dwells.

We'll have our fair share of tough transitions in life, and so we groan;
But with God there in our raft, we'll never alone; neither stray, till is over,
There are inevitable leaps from one season of life to next, and everyday,
Emotions will flood, with feelings of uncertainty/fear,
Then all of sudden everything will be alright/all over, God is near,
He's here! He'll navigate us through, to safety…all the way.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

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Authors notes:

Rime Couée

Rime Couée is a tail-rhymed verse form of 12th century Provencal troubadours. Though it originated in France, it is thought to be the predecessor of the more popular Scot form, the Burns Stanza.

The Rime Couée is:
•stanzaic, written in any number of sixains made up of two tercets.
•accentual, folk meter of normal speech. L1,L2, L4, L5 are longer lines of a similar length, L3 and L6 are shorter lines of the same length.
•rhymed, rhyme scheme aabccb, ddeffe etc.

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