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It's hard to believe, but yesterday was the second anniversary of my Mother's passing,
as many of you know she was also a poet here at and she loved all of her
poetry friends here very much and loved reading other poets works here as well. I have
kept her site up and running so her friends could still read her poems when they wanted.
Below is the message that I had posted on the message board the night that she passed on
to Heaven. Please view her poems on her site here.

Shirley Sasek - Kittyscorner  (Born July 15, 1922  Died August 11, 2014)

After returning home from the hospital & visiting with my mom for a while this afternoon
I received a call from my youngest brother Rick around 6:00 PM telling me that our mom
had taken a turn for the worse and she was now in total kidney failure as well as her
heart was also starting to fail. We were just starting to have some very severe storms
with tons of rain hitting our town and the roads were  quickly flooding over, it took us
until 7:00PM to get to the hospital only to find out that mom had passed away at 6:55PM
tonight. I had said everything I wanted to tell her this afternoon and I was glad that
I had decided to go there earlier this afternoon because I knew we were in for some real
bad storms due this evening, I know that she is in heaven now with our Lord and that she
is reunited with our dad, my mom's parents and her younger brother Carl. We were hit with
a double hit tonight between mom's passing and fighting the storm and flooding to get to
the hospital and back home tonight so we need to take some time to deal with everything
as the reality that this had happen much sooner than we were all led to believe it would
happen. Always tell your loved ones that you love them and never wait until tomorrow to
tell them you do as you never know if they or you will be here tomorrow. I'm very glad
that I decided to go up earlier today to visit her this afternoon and that I got to say
my goodbyes to her. I will post more information tomorrow, I'm too wiped out right now
but I wanted to let all of mom's friends and fellow poets here know about her passing
and to let everyone know that our family wanted to thank everyone for your very kind
and your loving messages of support and concerns for all of us in her family.

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior & Terryscorner  
(August 11, 2014 Monday Evening)
Shirley Sasek's Son

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