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I'm crying inside, trying

To keep a brave face.

My emotions are shooting

All over the place.

You come up to me

And you all sympathise 

And then you tell me

Your sympathetic lies.

I'm sure at the time you

All mean what you say,

For emotions run high

Any funeral day,

But would it hurt

So very much 

To think before promising

To surely keep in touch. 

With the loss of a partner

The world seems to end.

Made only worse by Pie

Crust promises from friends.

For after the Wake,

After you've all gone,

I'll still have to get used

To living as one:

The odd guest at dinner,

Beside that empty space,

Surviving partner alongside

That hard to fill place.

Still for now sleeping

In that same double bed

But only one set of pillows

Indented by any head.

So I'm lonely behind

My unknocked at door

For, in spite of all promises,

No one calls anymore




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