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make no more God poems for me today

I don't think I can stand it

its another one of "them" poems about God

it must be some daily meditation
I am out of that kind of practice
I don't believe in organized institutionalized
religion any more

I've seen some of the most religious people
pass out the vilest of pronouncements
and watched others walk away in hurt and shame

that's what I'd call free will
its not the good work of
the All Mighty

put that kind of God in another poem
go on and preach on some where else

my Creator is different
my Creator respects
all life and all kinds of wisdom
not just male
not just human

no matter what Holy Spirit you believe in,
it ought to have the power to guide you
in the ways of wisdom and kindness and to
leave others better off than you found them
or the wisdom to leave them alone

now, leave me in peace
I don't want to hear
about wickedness and sin
about the evils of all men and women
and how I need to repent or burn
in eternal hellfire

perhaps evil is a reflection of what is inside
of you
I don't know

what the Creator made is good
look around you at Nature
I see no evil

it is all a matter of seeing
so it must be the Seer


I don't have the ears for them

Copyright September 8, 2014 All Rights Reserved By This Author
Meloo/Melissa A Howells/ Tilt-a-World
All Dreams/Rants/Ideas/Prose and Poetry are the legal property of this Writer
I'm about to offend someone here. Oh well.
Here I go again. What is writing if it doesn't get "someone to thinking."
I believe in a Creator. Just a different one than you, that's all.

written at 1:48am in the morning. I see where there are new poets emerging on this poets to read. I look forward to a new infusion of vitality and energy
and lots more variety and inventiveness to read. So new folks, click on your name and join
the ranks so you can join the ranks of poetry poems. welcome.

thought some more about this nature biz...could I have inadvertently
meant human and mother nature who knows

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