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The Lord makes a path through the sea,
So that we are able to flee;
Whenever there are strong currents,
Causing a lot of deterrence.
He leads the tanks and the humvees,
Reinforcements that heard the pleas;
As they lie down with each other,
Acting like brother and brother.
But they do not get up again,
In the battle that might had been;
Extinguished snuffed out like a wick,
With their last breath were feeling sick.
Forget what happened in the past,
Since time is able to move fast;
Do not dwell on things long ago,
Since they pass like the rivers flow.
God will be doing something new,
And has already started through;
Do you not recognize by sight,
And not able to see the light.
Through the desert He clears the way,
Making a path as not to stray;
He will make rivers on dry land,
The banks made solid where you stand.
Wild animals will fête you,
Bow down as you are passing through;
He will provide water to drink,
And give you wisdom as to think.
For you were formed for Him alone,
Observing you upon His throne;
In return you have to give praise,
Rejoice as everyone prays.
You prayed not as long as you live,
So confess so God can forgive;
Are you not tired of past sin?
So His Spirit can cleanse within.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Past Sin