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Hawkins was just a little worried

How that night might end

Just a little worried 

About the welfare of his friends

Old Hodson stood there singing

A sad old country song

And I’m sort of stood there 

Just trying to sing along


Mike is underNorth Bridge

Commenting on the moonlight’s glow 

Reflected in the water

So many feet below

Just a sort of pleasant evening

That gently unrolled along

I hoped he wouldn’t fall

And the night all went wrong


And then this PC came along

in those days they were tall

With muscles in their spit

And he wasn’t impressed at all.

He said what’s going on

What’s all this about

From down below Mike yelled

We’re just hanging out.


He didn’t bat an eyelid

You’d think he hadn\t heard

Said don’t be here when I get back

Or we’ll be having a serious word.

So Mike deftly climbed back

Brushed his jacket down

And we continued to talk

As we wandered back up town


There’s thinking nights and drinking nights

And nights you hope will never end

When the world seems so safe and simple

There with tried and trusted friends

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Friendship, Mike W (Performance Version)